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Yes! There is no need to worry about selecting a power supply option when adding a light or mirror to your shopping cart! No matter where you live, we will send the power supply that corresponds with the shipping address entered during the checkout process. If you have any other questions about this process, please contact us at!

Purchasing lights in Brazil?

Please purchase GLAMCOR lights through 

Do the light kits include a stand?

The Mono Light includes a table clamp accessory, but if you would like to have an aluminum stand as well, you can purchase the Mono Light Stand and Bag Set here.

The Classic Elite 2, Classic Revolution, Classic Ultra, and Multimedia Extreme light kits have an aluminum stand included in kit! WHERE IS IT LOCATED? The stand is stored in a separate compartment at the bottom of the bag, which can be relatively hard to find! The zipper for the stand compartment is located on the right-hand side of the bag above the GLAMCOR Professional logo! 

The Paris Lights Plus include the stands pictured in the product's photo gallery.

The Paris Lights do not include a stand, and can be set up using double sided tape (not included) or by hanging them like artwork.

We do offer a variety of other optional stands that you can purchase! Click here to see our other options!

Classic Elite 2 vs. Classic Revolution

1. The Elite 2 and the Revolution have the same lighting capabilities. They are both are single daylight color (5,600k) lights with five stages of touch dimming.

2. The Elite 2 has two arms that are the same length.

3. The Revolution has one arm that is longer than the other specifically for use over treatment beds for a more uniform reach of our super bright lamps.The updated arm design makes it easier to use larger beds or configure your lighting angles to better reach your treatment areas.

Classic Elite 2 vs. Classic Ultra

1. The Elite 2 is a single cool daylight color (5,600k) with five stages of touch dimming. It is our brightest light, and it is a workhorse.

2. The Ultra is bi-color meaning it has warm and cool white colors of lighting which can be mixed to 256 shades of white (color temperature adjustability). You can adjust the lighting from candlelight to daylight and everything in between.

3. The Ultra has a remote control which controls the power, dimming, and color temperature adjustability. It also has three presets for warm, middle, and cool color temperature. And, there are three memory buttons to recall your three favorite color temperature and brightness settings.

• The Elite 2 is used primarily by lash and brow technicians.

• The Ultra is used primarily by makeup artists and those who use color in his/her application, because color looks different under different tones of light. The Ultra gives one insight into how the finished application will look under all lighting.

Does the multimedia extreme come with accessories?

The Multimedia Extreme accessories are all optional and additional. It doesn't come with any as every customer needs something different. Some of the accessories from which to choose are: Universal Phone Clip $15, Universal Camera Clip $25, Universal Tablet Clip $25, Mirror Accessory $40.

Are there any differences between the riki skinny mirrors?

All of the RIKI Skinny mirrors have the same features and include the same accessories (adjustable stand, magnetic phone clip, and magnetic 3x mirror). The only difference between the mirrors is the color or design printed on the mirror.


Well, that's a good question! If we are out of stock or you don't see it, please drop us an email to We might just have one hanging around!

Other questions?

Can't find the answer to your question on this page? Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions, comments and/or suggestions that you may have.