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February 19, 2019 2 min read

Born in Macau and raised in Canada, Mimi Choi has taken the internet by storm with her illusion makeup looks that captivate the eye. Following her graduation from Blanche Macdonald Centre in 2014, Mimi launched her instagram @mimles and has since drawn in an audience of over 950K people around the world. Inspired by a variety of sources that include but are not limited to her everyday surroundings and surreal paintings, Mimi makes looks that can take up to 8 hours to create. While in our studio, Mimi explained how many of her illusion looks are inspired by hallucinations she experiences during sleep paralysis, making them unique to her brand.


Illusion Makeup


Mimi’s talent and creations require a close attention to detail, that’s why she knows better than anyone else that LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING! When visiting the GLAMCOR Studio in NYC, Mimi used a MultiMedia Extreme Lighting Kit to help illuminate her workspace and the models face. The lights are adjustable, allowing her the ability to shine the light on any area of the face or body she’s working on. This is a key advantage the MultiMedia Extreme gives artists such as Mimi, who seek to create perfected artwork. With a remote included, the MultiMedia Extreme Lighting Kit helps artists change the light settings from cool to warm while at the touch of a button. With a mirror attachment, it’s no surprise that Mimi loves using her travel friendly MultiMedia Extreme while working on her captivating illusions.

Mimi Choi Favorite Lighting

What better way for Mimi to check out her awesome creations than by looking in an illuminated mirror. The Brilliant Mirror helped Mimi admire and perfect her work in both cool and warm light. With two knobs on the side of the mirror that help adjust how much warm and cool light is emitted, The Brilliant Mirror offers artists and beauty lovers alike the best of both worlds. Mimi loved the way she looked and thanks to the LED light strips found in each GLAMCOR mirror, the details in her look GLOWED.

Mimi Choi Product Favorites

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