Zero to HD content in under 60 secs with your phone

  • The MULTIMEDIA EXTREME LIT KIT is the ultimate solution for content creators, artisans, and action-seekers alike.

    Included in the LIT KIT is the GLAMCOR MULTIMEDIA EXTREME with Selfie Function - our most technologically advanced lighting product to date. The included accessories give you the flexibility to record using the stand or clamped to a table, allowing you to record in any condition. 

    The MULTIMEDIA EXTREME LIT KIT sets up in under 60 second and allows you to instantly start filming high-quality HD video with your phone. With color temperature adjustability, remote control, and accessories for all phone devices, you’ve just met your new, content production LED light studio.

    In addition, the LIT KIT includes our rear view mirror to aid in monitoring your recording when using your rear-facing HD phone camera by simply adjusting the mirror until you can see yourself on your phone's screen. Whether you are on-the-go or have a studio at home, the LIT KIT has everything you need and more to create professional quality content.