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MONO Light on ABS

Single is the new black.

  • A single light that fulfills all of your lighting needs. Small, compact, and POWERFUL. MONO may be the last single lady, but she is living her best life, especially as she stars on American Beauty Star, Thursdays at 10pm on Lifetime! #lightingiseverything

    The MONO Light is a single, powerfully bright, daylight lamp with two dimming settings. Our GLAMCOR LED technology is packed into its beautiful design, and is geared to provide PERFECT illumination to our customers, especially those whose profession requires great lighting.

    LED lights provide crisp, white light, enabling you to see every detail of your work, making the MONO Light the best lighting for selfies! The included table clamp can be attached to any table or cart, and is the go-to favorite of estheticians and lash professionals everywhere.

    Tattoo artists find the MONO Light to be the essential accessory they’ve been missing for far too long. Featuring two levels of brightness, 50% and 100%, you can adjust the level of detail you want to focus on, and the LED lights won’t make you or your human canvas hot, even after several hours.

    The MONO Light is perfect for:

    • Manicure/Nail Technicians
    • Lash/Brow Professionals
    • Tattoo/Fine Artists
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