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The classiest mirror on television.

  • We know what you’re thinking: this thing is serious. Yeah, seriously incredible and you seriously need this in your life!

    The Fortune Fame Mirror is unlike any of our other products. Free standing at just over 6 feet tall, this full-length lighted mirror will enhance your dressing room or salon experience exponentially. With two powerful rows of special performance daylight LEDs, you are fully illuminated in your own personal studio lights.

    Dressing yourself in your dimly-lit closet is a thing of the past. With the Fortune & Fame, you’ll be able to examine your outfit from every angle, with light-up perfection. But not only is this the perfect mirror for personal use, makeup artists and cosmetic salons can have their entire canvas, literally from head to toe, lit to perfect brightness.

    If you’re into documenting your outfits every day, you’ve just found yourself the best mirror/lighting situation out there. The Fortune Fame features ultra clear glass to ensure every mirror selfie is impeccable, 10-100% dimming to accentuate every look you create, and our color consistency guarantee to assure you never leave without knowing exactly how your look will translate to the street.

    Oh, and did we mention that this is a celebrity favorite?!

    Who is the Fortune & Fame for?

Jennifer Lopez uses the RIKI SKINNY every time she glams!