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The Fogless Shaving Mirror With The Perfect Reflection

Introducing GLAMCOR HOME

A collection of technology-forward, problem-solving modern designed home products that makes life easier and prettier.

From the makers of the GLAMCOR Multimedia X and the celebrity and influencer loved mirror brand, RIKI LOVES RIKI.

Are You Shaving In The Dark?

Foggy, dim showers can make grooming a bit more dangerous than it should. Fortunately, we decided to rethink shower mirrors and create a mirror that’s useful, innovative, and good-looking.

Heated defogging

The heat generated from the heating system found inside the mirror matches the steam created by the warm shower, helping clear the glass from condensation.

Mount to your bathroom wall

With a touch of the button, you have 5 brightness levels of LED daylight lighting to choose from. To charge, simply remove the mirror from the magnetic bar and attach to the magnetic charger.

Adjustable Brightness

Five dimming staged provides clarity in any ambient light


Efficient glass warming ensures zero fogging

Shatterproof & Waterproof

Efficient glass warming ensures zero fogging

3 Years of Warranty

No questions asked by our customer solutions team

See How It Works

Find out how a bright, fog-resistant shaving mirror can enhance your shaving experience.

Helps prevent nicks, razor burn, and irritation. Blade glides easier from supple skin made possible by the showers team. Saves time on the shaving routine. Easier to clean- lather and bear trimmings are easily washed away.

But the Shaving Mirror isn’t just for shaving. Use it for dental hygiene, makeup removal, in-shower face masks, hair brushing, and more!

"This is the mirror I've been looking for! So easy to assemble, defog and travel-friendly."