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Your most supreme direct lighting problem is solved.

  • You are frustrated because:

    1) You have a wall of mirrors, and you are struggling with lighting overhead to properly illuminate the individual in front of the mirror.

    2) You have an individual mirror station that begs for more lighting, but there is nothing convenient to attach to the station.

    3) You figured out some way to get direct lighting from your mirror, but it looks so unprofessional, and you have thrown up your hands discounting the look as "what's out there" to solve your problem.

    4) Your electrician quoted you an insane number for installing lights, and you started calculating his/her annual income, because you are shocked at how much you need to pay.

    The Paris Lights have solved the problems above for countless professionals around the world. The elegant and thin construction is one of our finest design masterpieces. The lighting is our best value proposition on a price per lumen as well.

    The Paris Lights have an ultra clear mirror glass surface which will blend into any existing mirror application - either directly on top of existing mirrors using a double-sided tape, or next to a mirror by hanging the lights like artwork.

    Conveniently, the length sizes available (30" or 36" / 76cm or 91cm) will match the existing sizes of market-ready mirrors available at local hardware stores or big box retailers like Home Depot, B&Q, Lowes, et al.

    An included remote control will give you the convenience of controlling the power and dimming feature of the lights. Installation is a non-event. Just put a screw into the wall and mount the Paris Lights through the keyhole on the back, or use a double-sided tape to mount directly onto a mirror or other hard surface.

    Power supply plugs directly into the wall outlet, and we ship the power supply with the plug for your geographic location.

    • Average installation time is approximately 10 minutes

    Ideal for:
    • Salons
    • Hair & Makeup Departments
    • Television / Theater
    • Prosumer / Enthusiast

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