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  • July 27, 2020 5 min read

    We were all secretly happy when our boss first announced that we should start working from home, right? Working from your bed, no more early morning commutes and not having to look your best during 9-5? Sign me up!

    And then everyone discovered Zoom.

    As much as we use it for wine chats with our friends over the weekend, Zoom’s popularity drastically increased for work video calls and virtual team meetings.

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    Are you scrambling to put an acceptable top on and brush your hair 5 minutes before the call? Or do you rock your regular office clothes from early morning to feel more productive?

    Whichever it is, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to appear your best and look professional during a Zoom call.

    Know Your Audience

    Are your department and boss quite relaxed and chilled, everyone’s free to be their best sassy selves and joke and rant all day round? Or is it a strictly professional relationship?

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    Putting that into consideration will make it much easier to choose your background, outfit and decide the best approach to children/pets situation in your house. Would they disturb your work call or are they welcome to join and do their thing in the background?

    Put up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door before the call or even better – sit down with your children and explain why they can’t storm into your room between 3 PM – 3.30 PM to ask for ice cream. If it’s a really important meeting, let everyone in your household know that playing DJ sets and singing in the shower is not allowed during your Zoom call hours.

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    Choose Suitable Lighting

    For a quick lighting solution, just sit facing the window - it will give you the best natural lighting. Just make sure you’re not sitting in front of a window with a laptop facing towards the window – the glare from the window will look like a mess and will be very distracting for your colleagues.

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    Another great tip is to use your phone if you can’t position your laptop for best lighting. You will have more flexibility to move around and find your best angles and lighting conditions at your house.

    Lighting is key to looking professional during a Zoom call so if you want to step up your game, invest in professional lighting such as GLAMCOR REVEAL. It will make a massive difference to your look during video calls so it’s very useful if your work involves a lot of Zoom meetings. REVEAL is a professional HD kit with a crisp light that will illuminate your face.

    GLAMCOR Reveal light helps you look best on Zoom video camera

    What’s the point of doing your makeup, hair and choosing a nice outfit if the lighting in your room is making you look dull? REVEAL will add the last finishing touch that will truly make a difference to your look.

    Our Elite X is also great lighting for Zoom meetings as it will illuminate both sides of your face, which will reduce the big glare on glasses so perfect for glasses-wearers. It’s very quick and easy to assemble so you’ll be ready for your Zoom conference in no time.

    GLAMCOR Elite X is easy to assemble and adjust, light up both sides of face, great tool for Zoom meeting

    Multimedia X is the best all-around lighting kit. This content creation kit allows you to use two screens at the same and look your best when doing so! Perfect for those who need a second screen right behind the laptop. The kit will hold your phone or tablet between the two light bars so it’s great for multi-tasking.

    GLAMCOR Multimedia X allows cell-phone or tablet attachments so it's perfect for multi-tasking when looking your best on a video call

    Don’t Forget the Background

    Pay very close attention to your surroundings when you’re looking for the best spot for your Zoom meeting. Piles of laundry, running children, empty wine bottles, unwashed dishes, a mirror, revealing your PJ bottoms and tailored office blazer combo – these are the things that should not make an appearance during your Zoom call. Clear everything away before hitting that ‘Join’ button and make sure your place is tidy and neat.

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    In a hurry? Just pick a virtual background. Why sit in your bedroom if you could be on the beach in Hawaii? If you want to play it safe and think that’s not suitable for the type of meeting you’re having, just stick to the clean and tidy background space. Bonus points – virtual backgrounds will show your creativity without you ever having to tidy up your house! Another reason why Zoom calls are so great – minimal effort required!

    Be Present in the Meeting

    Pay attention! Just because your colleagues and your boss are not physically in the room with you, it doesn’t mean they can’t see you checking your phone, yawning, daydreaming and checking yourself out on the screen.

    Just look at the camera – you will seem more engaged and professional. If the meeting is long and you need to disappear for a minute, turn off your video and leave your audio on – just make sure you don’t do anything on camera that looks like you’re not interested in being there. Same goes for your face! Make sure you don’t appear on camera looking like that Zoom call is the last thing you want to be doing right now – extremely unprofessional.

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    Pay attention to your posture. Home is our safe space so it’s very easy to hunch down and relax – don’t do that! Sit up and keep your shoulders back – this will make you look more engaged.

    What about Your Outfit and Makeup?

    You can still look professional but don’t go overboard. Choose a nice bright color for the top or a tank cami T-shirt with a jacket or a tailored blazer over it – something that looks really professional. The bottom is not that important if you’re not planning on standing up and walking around during your Zoom call.

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    When in doubt, grab a cami or shell top with a blazer jacket – it will always look simple yet elegant and professional. Also, wearing a piece of jewelry, a necklace or small elegant earrings, will look like you put in an effort and you really want to be there.

    Don’t forget to do your hair. As much as it is tempting to keep your messy home bun, make sure your hair looks clean and neat.

    If you go to work wearing makeup – don’t forget that too. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything over the top – a quick 5-min touch-up for your face will do just fine and make you look more presentable.