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April 09, 2020 2 min read

While hygienic practices are always good to have when working with makeup, there is no better time than now to give customers a heads up on some of the most idealistic makeup practices necessary for safety and health!

As we are sure you've heard, COVID-19 is, unfortunately, a reality we as a nation are facing today, but with the right beauty techniques and practices, we can do our part in making sure the spread of this virus remains contained and treated!

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As with any viral outbreak, Coronavirus is spread through the tiniest of particles, most notably water droplets which can easily be transferred by any interactions, even makeup application! We have therefore conducted a series of tips and tricks to make sure you stay as healthy as you'll look! How to stay away from COVID-19 while applying makeup?

Wash Up!

The first and perhaps most obvious tip is to ALWAYS wash your hands between applications! This can be in regard to your own makeup, or someone else’s. CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has suggested the right way to wash your hands! 

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Shave Off The Excess! 

Whenever newly applying to your face, ALWAYS be sure to sharpen your eye and lips pencils! This will remove any bacteria that may have formed between uses, and keeps the led fresh for a smooth and healthy application!

Sharing ISN’T Caring!

While courteous in its approach, one should NEVER share any type of application tool with another. Whether it be brushes, eyeliners, or any type of makeup that may seem harmless, bacterias, unfortunately, aren’t to risk when it comes to beauty!

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Clean your Brushes!

Every so often, it is idealistic to clean your makeup brushes with a nonalcoholic spray brush cleaner, and simply leave it to dry on a paper towel! This reduces the likelihood of germs and bacteria upon application!


If there is anything we’re all guilty of, it’s helping someone out with their makeup! As many makeup artists would agree, applying first the makeup to one's hand or arm before applying to the face is customary and sometimes necessary in order to get the desired application. 

One of the best makeup hygiene practice is to use makeup hand palette

Maintain makeup hygiene by using GLAMCOR makeup hand palette

That’s where we come in! 

With our new Hand Pallet, you can mix makeup on a sterile surface right on the back of your hand! Now you can mix liquid and cream products with no extra hand-washing or hassle!! This allows the hand to warm the makeup, but as equally makes sure the product does not come in contact with the skin! 

With this, you’ll be leaving the studio as healthy as you are radiant! And Our CEO, Erik, is giving a full explanation:

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