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August 26, 2021 5 min read

You're busy. And whether you take clients at your studio or if you travel to and from different locations, managing the back-end and technology side of your business may feel like a full-time gig. 

Get your time back and improve your beauty business by removing the unnecessary and delegating more tasks.

By streamlining every aspect of your business from the back-end to the actual execution of your work, you'll be way more efficient. You’ll have extra time to do more important tasks like growing or improving your business. Today, a lot of "streamlining" has to do with automating workflows you already have in place, but that's not the only way. 

Keep reading for 7 ways you can improve your beauty bizworkflow, systems, and overall client experience because at the end of the day if your clients are happy, you did something right.


Take your scheduling online

The first thing you should do is eliminate scheduling over the phone or via text message. Scheduling takes up a lot of time that could be used elsewhere. Online schedulers are much more common now and are readily available and easy to use. Not to mention are extremely efficient in saving you on admin time. 

Calendly is a free online appointment scheduler that's super easy to use. You must first create an account and set up simple rules for it to follow, like when you aren't available. Then, share the link to your calendar with clients or embed it into your website or Instagram page. Clients then pick the best time, add their information, and book! The appointment will automatically pop up in your calendar of choice. Easy to set up and easy to reschedule if needed. That way, your time is used doing what you do best or what you need to do. 

If you're looking for a scheduling system with more bells and whistles, Appointy, an online scheduling software, is a great alternative. Appointy allows you to convert your Facebook page into a booking page, which can be embedded into your website—if you don't have a website, you can create a booking page with your own branding. It also provides insightful business analytics on your productivity and client habits.


Salon online software scheduler 

Send appointment reminders

Automated appointment reminders with an option to reschedule are the most effective ways to reduce no-show appointments without the hassle of manually following up with clients and rescheduling. Email reminders tend to get lost in inboxes, but you can make sure clients see them with text messages. 

For client convenience and to ensure great customer service, it's good to include the address and the service type in the reminder. That way, all the details are squared away before the appointment and clients don't have to dig around (or call you) for the address. 

If a no-show does occur, setting up a follow-up text message or email in a scheduling software like Appointy is a great feature and practice so that you don't miss out on a potential client and sale. You can do that with a "We missed you" message and a link to reschedule their appointment.

Accept online payments

Accepting online payments via PaypalStripe, or Square is another way to streamline your business and is alsoconvenient for customers who have moved away from physical currency and depend on online payment options.

By setting up a way to makeonline payments, you can easily implement a deposit requirement, whichalso drastically cuts the possibility of no-show appointments. A total win-win solution for you.


online payments


Digitize your paperwork

Reducing paperwork should always be the aim of your business. It's minimalistic, environmentally friendly, and easy to access anytime and anywhere. If you handle lots of documents on a daily basis, a document management system could benefit you greatly. Whereas if you handle a small amount of paperwork and have the habit of printing and filing away- stop. Google DriveDropBoxEvernote, the options are endless for finding the right online storage that works for you. 

Send before and after care instructions once booking is complete

Certain services like eyelash extensions or microblading require before and after maintenance care. Eliminate time-consuming questions and concerns from clients by sending them beautifully designed (and branded) before and aftercare instructions in PDFs. This is a courteous, professional, and efficient way to ensure all your clients are fully prepared, know what to expect, and know what to do next to maintain their new look.

You can create these using Canva or purchase designs on Etsy

before and after care instructions


Use equipment that helps you work quicker

They say that "time is money,"which is true, but creating impeccable work that leaves clients happy and coming back for more is equally important. To work efficiently and to the best of your ability, it’s essential to use the right tools. 

All Glamcor products are made on the basis of creation: creating works of art, from content creation to perfectly symmetrical eyebrows, and detail-oriented tattoos. Lighting is essential for seeing fine details and capturing the final look. It's also important because with a bright canvas and rested eyes,  you can work quickly.

In addition to amazing lighting equipment, we also have multipurpose equipment like the Skill. Skill showcases your skills in the best lighting and helps you execute them as quickly as possible. It's an LED lighting solution with five dimming stages and an exhaust and dryer fan in one.

Ideal for lash and nail artists that work extensively with fumes, the fan will help make it a comfortable experience for you and your clients while also removing odors from the air. Flip it over, and the drying fan helps with time management by quickly drying nails or lashes. Searching for a  fan that looks good and isn’t loud? Check out the Flow.

GLAMCOR Skill - salon lighting exhaust fan air blower in one

Use an organizer

Streamlining also means being organized, and that doesn't just mean with technology. Staying well organized with yourproductsand tools gives a professional impression to clients and helps you stay on track with what you have and what you need during appointments. Keeping everything stocked and on hand with a bar cartor travel organizer (if you travel toclients) not only looks good but is professional. 

Working with beauty professionals who have their lives in order from the physical aspect of their business to the virtualexudesconfidence and professionalism. And it doesn't have to be difficult. By dedicating a few hours a dayor aweekend to set up your systems, creating FAQs, and organizing your tools will onlyhelp you in the long haul, financially and time-wise.


So tell us, do you have any tips on how to streamline your beauty business? We’d love to know!